11 May 2022 Zydus Healthcare

  Many of us have a hobby that is beyond our routine profession. These hobbies add happiness and offer us the desir

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Speaking his heart out – Dr. Safi Shaikh, Consultant Physician, Ahmedabad

14 Jan 2022 Zydus Healthcare

Addressing some of the most common concerns related to healthy lifestyle.

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Every good deed we give out completes the circle and comes back to us – Dr. Dharmendra Nayak, MD, Vadodara

07 Jan 2022 Zydus Healthcare

A personal story about doing good and how it comes back to you.

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Financial support to the poor, Help or Burden? – Dr. Naresh M. Shah, Physician, Vadodara

05 Jan 2022 Zydus Healthcare

A story about helping and guiding the needy with the intention to reduce their pain.

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A cardiac or diabetic patient in the family, is a signal to rethink on diet and lifestyle – Dr. Nimmi Mulwani, Diabetologist, Ahmedabad

26 Oct 2021 Zydus Healthcare

Here is a story on the importance of rethinking about our diet and lifestyle.

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A heart-touching experience that changed my perceptions! – Dr. Darshan Chhaya, Consultant Physician, Vadodara

20 Oct 2021 Zydus Healthcare

At times, even our long term patients can become irritating with their long list of queries. Here is a story about how m

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All you need to know about Vitiligo!

19 Oct 2021 Zydus Healthcare

Vitiligo is a common pigmentary skin disorder in which white non-scaly patches appear due to disappearance of pigment pr

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Every life is valuable. Take care as a regular practice! – Dr. Vipul Amin, Consultant Physician, Ahmedabad

11 Oct 2021 Zydus Healthcare

I see many cases of heart diseases everyday and it really hurts to see people so ignorant about their health. Here is a

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A patient’s trust in the doctor can save lives! – Dr. Ramesh Modi, Consultant Physician, Surat

04 Oct 2021 Zydus Healthcare

I have been practicing as Senior Consultant Physician, since last 40 years in Surat and I would like to share a story hi

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