Life at Zydus Healthcare Limited

Zydus Healthcare Limited employees enjoy the spree of festivities and never dither to take up challenges. The soul of Zydus Healthcare Limited is deeply rooted in ‘work while you work’ and ‘play while you play’. The company knows exactly how to keep it’s people motivated, rejuvenated, and re-enforced for accomplishing work and life goals.

ZGL Cricket – Divided By Departments. United By Zydus Spirit.

The company is functionally divided into different departments and divisions. The spirit of the company stands united, it can be witnessed during ZyPL – an underarm cricket league internal tournament. The departments of the company are divided into multiple teams and play with full enthusiasm during the -day long event.

Town Halls

The event witnesses an open address by the MD to Zydus Healthcare Limited’s employees, encouraging them to discuss and share opinions, ideas, and feedback through the dropbox system. At Zydus Healthcare Limited, each employee has the right to voice their thoughts and feelings.

The Town Halls events are also the time when awards to the Thanks Buddy winners are presented.  Awards/rewards for best division and cluster are also presented at the event.

Independence Day and Republic Day

The event is hosted by the Administration department and the security team at Zydus Healthcare Limited. During the event, guards march parade, the flag is hoisted by a senior team member. Zydans are invited with their family members to participate in entertainment and other leisure activities.

Garba and Dussera

Dussera is celebrated with Pooja and yummy food served at the cafeteria.

Every year, Zydans come together to celebrate the Navaratri by participating in the traditional Garba dance. Prizes for the best dancer and the best costume are distributed.


To welcome Santa Claus, Zydans sing Christmas carols, perform on stage, and take part in various activities. A disguised Santa Clause, each year, comes to appreciate Zydans by distributing sweets and gifts..


Diwali is one celebration where all Zydans splurge on mouth-watering sweets. All Zydans come together to make the event more special.

Women’s Day

Zydus Healthcare Limited values its employees, and to stir equality, it annually celebrates Women’s Day. On this day, various sessions on self defense and diet are conducted by trained instructors. Every women at Zydus Healthcare Limited is greeted with a chocolate and a flower to acknowledge their importance and contribution in building Zydus Healthcare Limited.

Budget Meet

An annual Budget meet is hosted for the sales and the marketing staff at Zydus Healthcare Limited. Every year, a new theme for the year is unveiled by the Chairman in the meeting. Action-packed performances by Zydans, motivating speeches, and an award ceremony makes this event unforgettable.

Employee Friendly Facilities


Office Premises & Interiors

Zydus Healthcare Limited operates from a 12 storied building in Goregaon, Mumbai, India. The building offers a spectacular view, open spaces, office pods, conference rooms, and collaboration corners. It is in proximity to the Goregaon railway station and the Western Express Highway. The infrastructure of the office is comfortable and well equipped with state-of-art facilities.


Zydus Healthcare Limited takes care of its employees and ensures no one is hungry, thirsty, and deprived of comfort. Zydans get to have healthy breakfast, snacks, lunch, and tea at subsidized rates in the canteen. Zydians also get complimentary evening snacks every day.

Gym and Swimming Pool

To promote health and wellbeing of all staff Zydans are provided with a gym and swimming pool inside the office campus. The gym is equipped with machines and instruments for a good workout. The swimming pool is equipped with a shower, changing rooms, and locker facility. The gym and swimming pool are operational in the mornings and evenings after office hours.