GROW At Zydus Healthcare Limited

Becoming a part of Zydus Healthcare Limited's family is the best thing you can do with your career. We at Zydus Healthcare Limited are driven by the 'GROW' mantra, which is explained below.

Zydus invests in its employees to nurture talent and build capabilities. Learning opportunities are created through various initiatives that are experiential in nature. It offers opportunities for career growth across the Zydus universe.

Zydus values people for their contributions and creates a motivating environment where you can perform your best. Employees are rewarded and recognized for their respective creative endure and driving force towards organizational goals.

At Zydus Healthcare Limited, you can climb the corporate ladder vertically as well as horizontally depending on your talent, acquired interests and expertise.

At Zydus Healthcare Limited, you can expect to come across the brightest talents in the industry to work and collaborate on projects from time to time. It is work with the best for the best opportunity for you.

GROW Theme

Zydus Healthcare Limited's work culture is GROW theme-centered. For the company, its employees come first, so they keep the company first. The theme aims at building people capabilities and giving them an opportunity, space, and freedom to grow within and outside the organization.

We build people to build our Business was the motto since inception, as we constantly grow bigger and better. We are innovation driven leading healthcare company with employees across all geographies and celebrate cultural diversity.

The GROW implies 'you grow, we grow.' We encourage our employees to attain excellence across varied business functions. Our HR talent managers provide employees with existing career growth opportunities not just vertically but also at a horizontal level.

Rewards and Recognition

Pat on the back
Pat on the back is an initiative taken by the Human Resources Team to appreciate Zydans who perform exceptionally well in their domain. Pat on the Back is given to Zydans who take up additional responsibilities willingly and flawlessly execute the same. It highlights the efforts of Zydans who come up with new initiatives which contributes not only to their respective teams but also to the entire Zydus Healthcare Limited.

Zydus Healthcare Limited recognizes such individuals with a ‘Pat on the Back’ award & Gift vouchers quarterly as a small token of appreciation. This reward, in turn, makes every recipient feel valued for his/her services to the Zydus Healthcare Limited, and that is truly priceless.

Success Story

Devi PrasadSr. Manager, MD’s Office

I joined Zydus in 2011 in the SMC department, taking care of Database management and Market Research as a management trainee. In the last ten years, I have been given an opportunity to contribute in several projects in the SMC department as well as be a part of the newly launched SFE team from the year 2019. I have realized that career growth in Zydus isn’t restricted to people with pharma backgrounds of Sales and Marketing but it extends to the enabling functions as well. It is an absolute honour working for Strategic projects in the MD’s office- another milestone in my career. Zydus has rewarded me with new projects, new challenges and responsibilities and I can firmly say that every day at ZHL presents a new opportunity to learn and grow. It is undoubtedly a place where every employee with patience and perseverance can realise his career dreams.

I joined Zydus in the year 2012 as an Assistant Product Manager. It has been an enriching journey over the past 9 years, wherein I was fortunate to be a part of the Dermatology business. During my tenure, I have seen the Zydus Dermatology business blossom. Zydus follows a meritocracy reward system, wherein I have been rewarded by “MD’s Award” twice, for my Brand performance i.e Clop and Cuticolor. I have been promoted many times over the last 9 years currently I am working as a Marketing Manager. I have been a part of several knowledge enhancement programs like INNOVARA, BBB (Big Brand Building), etc. that enriched my learning and helped me undertake higher responsibilities. I believe that at Zydus, one can reach as high as the sky with hard work and determination.

My journey in Zydus began in 2002 when I joined as an RBM at Bengaluru to launch ‘Zydus Respicare’. From there on, my 19-year old journey has been exciting & action packed. In 2011, I was given the assignment to handle all India sales of a new division ‘Zydus Aeroforce’ as a National Sales Manager. Launching a new division came with its own challenges, but Mr. Vijay Bhalerao (Sr. VP Sales & Marketing) stood like a rock and supported me throughout. In 2015, I was promoted as a DGM in Zydus Aeroforce. The launch of ‘Forglyn’ in 2016 was a turning point of my career and our division. My most memorable moments in Zydus include meeting our chairman Mr. Pankajbhai Patel personally, later interacting with Dr. Sharvil Patel (MD & Chairman), and accompanying Dr. Ganesh Nayak (Executive Director) for fieldwork in Hubli. All these moments intensified my bonding with Zydus. I would undoubtedly say Zydus is the best company to work with and you are unlucky if you are not part of it!

I joined Zydus Healthcare Limited in 2011 as an Executive in the Admin function of the HR department. From day-to-day admin responsibilities to organizing employee engagement activities, I’ve had very fond memories with this organization. 2018 has been a special year for me. Physically integrating 3 different companies set in 3 different locations following different value systems has been one of most challenging tasks that I’ve been given so far. Hosting ZYPL cricket tournaments, celebrations of festivals and town-hall meetings provide me with immense satisfaction since I get to see my fellow Zydans happy which is absolutely priceless. I’m thankful to Mr. Ananda Gawde for believing in me and providing me with wings to reach to new heights in the organization. In my ten years of service, I have realized that Zydus is one company which has faith and trust in its own employees and that in turn empowers employees to build their careers.

I joined Zydus in 2013 in the Nutriva division as a product manager responsible for handling the key gynaecology portfolios. During my tenure at Zydus, I have been a part of many dynamic projects that have turned out to be milestones in the growth of my division. I was given the opportunity to work on various challenging assignments and lead PAN India branding activities such as Cyclathon, Dream Run Marathon, etc. for my division. I have always had a strong leadership team to look up to which motivated me with encouraging rewards for my hard work. During my eight years at Zydus, I have grown in my career from a product manager to DGM Marketing and it aspires me to be a better marketer every day. I have met some of my best mentors who played a key role in shaping up my career at Zydus. Today I feel fortunate to be allowed to nurture the new talents who join Zydus and help them reach the ultimate zenith of their career.

My journey with Zydus began in 2005 as a Medical Representative and in 2007, I was elevated to an ABM and further promoted to RBM role in 2012. My work was constantly recognized leading to professional growth, I was chosen to be a part of the Special Projects Team at Head Office in 2018 that kicked-off the aspirational projects for enhancement of Field Operations. I am now an SFE Business Partner leading the change for a set of our Business Divisions. I have been given tremendous opportunities to grow in my tenure and these opportunities have always been aligned to my interest areas of people and data management, analytical thinking and driving change. I have always believed in the art of coaching – which has been passed on to me by my seniors. Today, I happily own the responsibility of passing on those examples to my field colleagues.

My journey at Zydus Healthcare Limited began in the year 1993, when I joined Cadila Laboratories Ltd. as an office assistant in the finance department. Throughout this journey, I have been elevated 11 times and currently serve as a General Manager, handling the Business Support Function after heading the Budgeting and Performance Monitoring Cell till 2018. This is possible only because Zydus is heavily invested into learning and development. I have been able to upscale myself through different workshops, in-house learnings and special leadership programs like LEAP. I also learned a lot through cost saving programs like PRISM and SLIM. I am very lucky to have witnessed all major milestones of Zydus. Zydus has taught me over a period of time that there are no other options of growth except dedication and hard work. I have always believed in keeping Zydus First and in-turn Zydus has always believed in keeping its employees first.

I started my journey in Zydus Healthcare Limited as an Assistant Product Manager in the Respicare Division under Mr. Vijay Bhalerao in 2004. I owe my sales and marketing expertise to him. In my 18 year stint, I have moved from heading a specialized division like Zydus Aeroforce to handling strategic projects in the MD’s Office. During this shift, I’m fortunate to have been groomed by the senior management of our company. I’ve learnt to pay attention to finer details, improve on my problem solving skills and manage risk-taking capabilities with the finest leaders in the business. I firmly believe that Zydus is a progressive company with a very strong vision and working with such an organization can fuel any aspirant’s career, if they possesses the determination to make things happen!

I joined the Zydus Group 25 years back in 1996 as a medical representative in Zydus Alidac. My performances were always recognized and I was the recipient of star, super star and best leader awards 14 times between the years 1997-2015. In 2008 I was given an opportunity to do an Post Graduate Corporate Entrepreneurship Executive Program from the prestigious Institute EDI, Ahmedabad for two years. This course was instrumental in changing my thought process, which then became more open, futuristic and flexible. I was elevated to an RSM based out of Chennai in 2015. Currently I serve as an SFE business partner in Zydus Healthcare Limited. The shift from the field to the enabling function has been extremely satisfactory to me as I’m able to understand pain points of my field colleagues and utilize my abilities to help them. Zydus Healthcare Limited has gifted me with name, fame, awards and rewards but most of all, it has gifted me with contentment that no money can buy.

Thanks Buddy

‘Thanks, Buddy’s is an initiative taken up to thank the teammates who go the extra mile to help each other. The initiative is a great way to thanks and appreciates the efforts of individuals who made a difficult time easier for someone.

Personalized Thanks Buddy cards are sent to Zydans by their colleagues for recognizing them with one of the six core behaviors.

  • 01
    Putting Organization Before Oneself
  • 02
    Excellence in Execution
  • 03
  • 04
    Team and collaboration
  • 05
    Adaptability to Change
  • 06
    Respect Trust and Integrity

The Thanks Buddy card puts a smile on two faces – the giver and the receiver. The highest giver and the first, second, and third highest receivers of Thanks Buddy cards are gifted with gift cards, quarterly, at the Town-Hall meeting hosted at Zydus Healthcare Limited to make its rewards even more satisfying.

Thanks, Buddy cards make the office space a joyous place to work in at Zydus Healthcare Limited.

Zylearn Rewards

One of the GROW theme’s objectives is to contribute to the learning curve. With the help of Zylearn, Zydus’s online learning program, Zydans can enroll in free online courses and complete them at no additional cost. In order to encourage learning, Zydans signing up for the program are presented with a gift hamper as a small gesture.

Hall of Fame Achievers - (Star Night)

This reward is for the field staff at Zydus Healthcare Limited. Every division at Zydus Healthcare Limited has certain exceptional achievers that went beyond their numbers and contributed to the Zydus business. Such achievers make a permanent mark in the Zydus Hall of Fame. They, along with their family, are taken to attend the prestigious Star Night, where they are publicly recognized by the Chairman and the Managing Director for their outstanding performance. This Star night is hosted every year at an international location.