75 Glorious Stories To Tell

Saluting all Healthcare practitioners for their contribution and inspiration to society!

As India enters into the 75th year of Independence, it is worth creating a memorabilia!

This is reminiscent of individual journeys or inspiring incidents that have marked Independence in individual lives or touched many lives.

Zydus Healthcare presents 75 such inspiring stories from Indian doctors that are inked by them personally. Reading them one by one fills the heart with a lot of pride.

Our heart goes out to the Medical fraternity for their incessant contributions to the society!

Speaking his heart out – Dr. Safi Shaikh, Consultant Physician, Ahmedabad

Addressing some of the most common concerns related to healthy lifestyle.

14 January 2022
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Every good deed we give out completes the circle and comes back to us – Dr. Dharmendra Nayak, MD, Vadodara

A personal story about doing good and how it comes back to you.

7 January 2022
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Financial support to the poor, Help or Burden? – Dr. Naresh M. Shah, Physician, Vadodara

A story about helping and guiding the needy with the intention to reduce their pain.

5 January 2022
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These stories are being read by populations across, who are online. Sharing your story here is not only inspiring to a healthy life, but also building hope, faith and dedication to life. This is very important for the mental well-being of so many Indians in this pandemic era.

Share your glorious story here, today!

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