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GRD - The Superior Protein, launched in 1988, is a trusted name in protein supplementation. GRD offers a range of protein powders and diskettes to meet protein requirement of fitness enthusiasts, children, adults, pregnant women and diabetics. GRD protein powders offer superior Whey protein which is a Class 1 protein derived from Milk. GRD boosts immunity and helps in improving protein quotients. For the "First Time in India," GRD Bix is now available in Delightful Milk Flavour. You can also buy GRD Protein Online..

Brand Composition:

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GRD Protein USPs

  • Boost Immunity
  • Bridges Protein Gap
  • Improves Cognitive Performance
  • Improves Muscle Health
  • Provides Energy
  • Overcomes Fatigue

Uses of GRD Protein

GRD is beneficial for boosting immunity and bridging the protein gap as it contains 15 vitamins and minerals, including copper, Vitamin A, B Complex, and Vitamin C. It also helps improve energy, cognitive performance, improve muscle health, provides energy, and overcome fatigue.

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GRD Bix/Lite received the Emerging brands under protein snacks for children, adults, diabetics and pregnant and lactating mothers Award by CIMS Medica in December 2019.