Oxalgin Nanogel

  • Cadila
  • Pain Management

Oxalgin Nano Gel offers relief from muscular and joint pain. It is the world’s first and only Diclofenac Sodium Nano-emulsion gel. Formulated using Zydus Healthcare’s patented Nanoblu technology, it is the only patented topical gel of India.[1] Compared to conventional diclofenac gels, Oxalgin Nano Gel offers 56 times better concentration.[2] The high level of skin permeation of Diclofenac Sodium ensures quick and sustained pain relief. It is preservative-free, non-greasy, and does not cause skin irritation. 1. Patent No : 308764 2. Data on file

Brand Composition

  • Diclofenac Sodium + Methyl Salicylate & Menthol Gel
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Oxalgin Nanogel USPs

  • India’s only patented topical gel
  • Nanoblu technology
  • Deeper penetration
  • Quicker action

Oxalgin Nanogel Usage

Reliable in pain management related to joints, muscles, lower back, and neck