Combatting Covid-19, Forging the New Normal

Frontrunner in Covid care – From prevention to treatment

Zydus Healthcare Limited is leading the war against COVID-19. We have forged the way into making life-saving medicines in record time, with focus on science and innovation during the pandemic.
From meeting the nation’s requirement of Hydroxychloroquine in the initial weeks of pandemic to the launch of Remdac, the most economical Remdesivir brand in India.
We have also launched several products like sanitizers, wipes, mouth sprays and multivitamin supplements during the most challenging phase of the pandemic.

Champions of COVID-19

Stories of doctors, who are championing the cause to end to pandemic,

Champion Story – Dr. Debottam Bandyopadhyay

I didn’t loose hope and believed firmly that I could fight back again.

8 July 2021
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Winning against COVID-19

Stories of people who who won the battle against the pandemic.

Winning Story – Mrs. Alpana Mukherjee

Initially I had mild symptoms but the condition worsened in 48 hrs. But the doctors kept us motivated to fight this situation.

30 July 2021
Winning Story – Mr. Karan Jotwani

My printing business is majorly for medicine related corporates and hence I couldn’t really be at home.

8 July 2021
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Expert Guidance

Expert Opinion – Protein Rich Recipe by Dr. Shilpa Joshi
8 July 2021 Zydus Healthcare

Dr. Shilpa Joshi shares a protein rich recipe that anyone can make at home.

Frontline Warriors

Stories of our colleagues from the field and their support to the frontline.

Frontline Warrior Story – Mr. Bappa Ghosh

Whenever my reports came, I was scared and nervous.

8 July 2021
Frontline Warrior Story – Mr. Arvind Verma

It was very scary and difficult time for us.

8 July 2021
Frontline Warrior Story – Mr. Ashish Katarpawar

I was so happy that I bounced back fast.

8 July 2021

We have to fight the pandemic, together. We are doing our bit and request you to do yours.

All our essential service workers are walking the extra mile to ensure safety and well-being for everyone. We request everyone to follow the instructions laid down by the respective guiding authorities from time to time. Stay Safe!

Regularly wash or sanitize your hands

Wear a clean mask everyday

Maintain Physical Distance in public places