Battle your PCOS with these easy lifestyle changes

25 May 2021 Zydus Healthcare

Easy tips to tackle PCOS!

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is a condition that leads to overproduction of the female hormone, irregular menstrual periods and cysts in the ovaries. Women who suffer from PCOS face problems in conceiving a baby because it affects the reproductive organ of women.

The common symptoms of PCOS are infertility due to no ovulation, acne, headaches, prolonged menstruation and other mental health issues. Hair growth and baldness are common symptoms of PCOS that females in the age group of 12 to 45 years may experience. An estimated one in five (20%) Indian women suffer from PCOS.

Although it is a common health issue among women, it can cause complications if not treated in a timely fashion. The Hindu (newspaper) reported Dr. Duru Shah, Gynaecologist, and founder of the PCOS Society of India, saying that PCOS is not a disease but a condition that can present itself in different ways. Moreover, a child of a PCOS mother is more likely to have it, as stated by Shah.

PCOS is manageable and can be controlled with simple lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes that help to fight against PCOS
Along with proper medications and treatment, it is essential to make necessary changes in your lifestyle to cure your PCOS. Below is a list of some of the basic tips that help you cure your PCOS.

  • Healthy Food
    An ideal diet includes a variety of foods that come from various food groups. To start with a healthy diet, you must start with avoiding fatty foods like bread, junk food, etc. Taking early breakfast is essential because it helps in maintaining sugar levels in the body. Therefore, always make sure when you wake up early in the morning then you should take breakfast as early as possible. Try to add healthy protein and fat to your diet.People who have a large portion of green leafy vegetables in their diet tend to intake more nutrients in their bodies. Healthy carbohydrates come from food such as fruits and green vegetables, high fibre grains and lean meats like poultry and fish. Doctors often recommend their PCOS patients to intake food that is low in sugar and glycemic index.

    Food that has a low glycemic index slowly releases insulin into our body and helps the body to convert the food into energy rather than storing it as fat. People should also avoid processed foods which include refined carbs. Rice, potatoes, sugar and white flour are also rich sources of carbohydrates. Packaged juice, soda and drinks should be substituted with fresh juices or lemon water.

  • Regular Exercise
    Daily exercise of 30 minutes is the best way to stay fit and healthy and it also helps in maintaining your weight and lifestyle. But also keep in mind that you should avoid over-exercise as it may lead to an imbalance in body hormones.Tough exercise is essential to maintain your body weight, but excess of anything surely has adverse effects. Instead of heavy exercise routines like weight lifting and gyming, try some simple exercises like pilates, yoga, easy aerobics, swimming, etc.
  • Avoid products that include caffeine
    In today’s lifestyle and eating habits, especially of the youth, the intake of caffeine food is noticeably increased. Products like coffee and chocolates include a high portion of caffeine in them. Consumption of high caffeine increase blood pressure problem in the human body.Regular intake of caffeine by people suffering from PCOS can adversely affect their health and blood pressure levels. Therefore, people should reduce or completely avoid the intake of caffeine to cure their PCOS. People who are habituated to caffeine products should switch to green tea or herbal tea. It not only helps with weight loss for women but also helps you in improving your insulin resistance.
  • Cut down on sugar and carbs
    Women suffering from PCOS sometimes also have the problem of insulin resistance because of which the hormone insulin of the body is not used effectively. The glucose or sugar that we intake is used to generate energy through the insulin produced by the pancreas.PCOS leads to an imbalance in the use of body insulin, leading to fluctuated blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is recommended by doctors to intake less sugar in your diet. Include high fibre food in your diet, which helps in controlling blood sugar levels.
  • Overcome Vitamin D deficiency
    PCOS leads to deficiency of Vitamin D in more than 60% of women suffering from it. The right level of Vitamin D helps in the improvement of insulin sensitivity. It also leads to weight loss, thereby regulating the proper period cycle and reducing the chance of ovarian cyst. The right vitamin D level in the body allows fewer androgens in the bloodstream and reducing cholesterol levels and leads to minimal inflation.

You can manage PCOS with ease if you know exactly how to plan your day with exercise and healthy eating habits.

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