Love sweets and can’t eat them? 5 dishes that are safe for diabetics!

25 May 2021 Zydus Healthcare

Diabetic? Here are five delicious dishes to try!

Lip licking desserts served after the meal are delicious to indulge in. They are mood boosters and rich in sugar. However, sugary desserts, snacks or even meals can be a cause of worry for a diabetic patient.

Does fear of high sugar levels keep you away from relishing sweets? Do you crave cheat days without comprising on your health? Here we are with some delicious sweet dishes you can take with no regret.

5 delicious dishes safe for diabetics

  • Paneer Kheer: It is a mouth-watering Indian dessert solely made for diabetic patients. It is low in fat, carbohydrates and calories. When preparing paneer kheer, replace sweeteners with sugar substitutes.
  • Shrikhand: Shrikhand with low sugar can be perfect for satiating the sweet cravings of diabetic patients. This delicious creamy dessert is made from curd. It is low in fat and sugar. To make Shrikhand use fresh curd and sugar substitutes.
  • Stuffed Lychees: This stuffed lychee, melts as you place it in your mouth. To make the desert, you will need sweet lychees and not the acidic or tangy ones.
  • Apple Rabadi: It’s the best combination of Apple and thickened milk. The addition of cardamom and nuts gives it a pleasant taste that will make it far tastier than a normal Apple Rabadi. This dish is low in sugar and fat. You can use a sugar substitute to make it healthier.
  • Chocolate: Chocolates stimulate the production of insulin and control blood sugar due to the presence of flavanols. Generally, chocolates come with low flavanols. However, one can add some flavanols and should focus on eating dark chocolate rather than milk or lighter ones. There are also lower carbohydrate chocolates that come into markets that can also be consumed.

Excess of sweets or deserts can be harmful to diabetic patients. Unhealthy eating habits, improper diet, being overweight, not exercising enough are some of the factors that may lead to diabetes. Being diabetic could mean not eating sweets for life. However, there are dishes that are good for health, sweet to taste, and easily available. So, next time when your diabetic friend or family member craves sweet snacks, try some of the aforementioned dishes.

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